DA Integra Full Tuck with Inline Staging Brake Provision

DA Integra Full Tuck with Inline Staging Brake Provision


Another Finishing Lines original brake line kit!

This brake line kit allows for a full plumbing solution to builds that want to incorporate a CNC 412 in-line or pass through style staging brake while also relocating the prop valve under the dash.

The big difference between this kit and our other "SFWD" staging brake line kits is the ability to retain 4 wheel braking from the pedal while also having the ability to hold the rear brakes independently for "staging" purposes.

When using this kit you can eliminate all of the factory brake hard line on the entire car!

*This brake line kit does not include the CNC 412 staging brake itself. This item is pictured for installation example only. See separate item listings for staging brake purchase*

90-93 "DA" Integra application

Please allow 3-5 days before shipment. Brake hoses consist of a Teflon inner liner followed by a stainless braided covering and then finished with a poly outer coating for abrasion resistance to painted surfaces.

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