S2000 Two Piece Clutch Tuck Line

S2000 Two Piece Clutch Tuck Line

Product no.: FL-S2KCLUTCH

Honda S2000 two piece clutch tuck line kit!

This clutch tuck setup incorporates a bulkhead fitting and passes the clutch tuck line inside the drivers fender area. This setup replaces everything from the clutch master cylinder to the clutch slave cylinder. An added benefit of this setup is the removal of the factory rubber clutch hose that connects to the slave cylinder. Removal of the rubber hose from the system adds a firm pedal feel and response. This serves as an added benefit for performance applications.

All lines consist of a teflon inner liner that is impervious to degredation and break-down over time when in constant contact with brake fluid. The teflon is wrapped with a stainless braided reinforced layer. Finally finished off with a colored poly coating for a clean look and abrasion resistance to painted surfaces.

Available in a large array of color combinations! Hose colors silver, black, red and blue available. Crimp spacers on the ends come in red, blue, green, purple, black, silver, and gold.

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