EK Inline Staging Brake from Stock Prop Location – Finishing Lines
EK Inline Staging Brake from Stock Prop Location

EK Inline Staging Brake from Stock Prop Location

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Finishing Lines EK Civic Inline Staging Brake from Stock Prop Location.

  • This brake line kit is a budget minded kit for those wanting to add an inline staging brake without the added expense and complication of tucking the prop under the dash. 
  • It starts from the stock prop location within the engine bay. Connections to the two rear outlet ports of a 4040-prop valve starts the kit. These two lines are teed together into one and then enter the staging brake inlet port. One line then exits the staging brake outlet port pointing towards the rear of the vehicle. We then tee back out into two lines once again. These two lines follow the factory e-brake cable routing until ultimately connecting to your factory rear caliper hose connections in the rear wheel wells.
  • This kit replaces all of the OEM rear brake hard line that runs underneath the car.
  • This kit will route through the firewall using a bulkhead style connection.
  • All lines and fittings needed to plumb are included.
  • Brake line kits are made to order in your choice of color combo. Please allow 1-3 business days for shipment.
  • Brake hoses consist of a PTFE core, followed by a stainless braided covering, and then finished with a poly outer coating for abrasion resistance to painted surfaces.