DISCLAIMER – Finishing Lines



Finishing Lines LLC sells products for race cars and show cars. The nature of these products creates a complexity of install and operation that is not intended for all people or vehicles. As a customer of our products it is required that you research and understand what you are purchasing and how it affects vehicle operation.

Upon purchasing Finishing Lines products you are agreeing that you understand all complexities of install and operation of our products and release Finishing Lines LLC from any liability or damages that result from the install or use of our products.

Finishing Lines products are intended for off-road use only. Consult your local laws for legality of product use on public roads and highways.

Finishing Lines LLC is not responsible for any loss or damages, either direct or consequential, as a result of using Finishing Lines products.

Professional installation is required. Finishing Lines LLC is not responsible for any loss or damages that result from improper installation of Finishing Lines products.