B/D/H Series 2 Piece Clutch Line – Finishing Lines
B/D/H Series 2 Piece Clutch Line

B/D/H Series 2 Piece Clutch Line

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  • Finishing Lines 2-piece clutch line is required when you want to run an accessory in-line with your clutch hydraulic system.
  • This 2-piece clutch line differs from our clutch tuck line by adding a "break-point" in the line just before the clutch slave cylinder connection. The break-point incorporates 3AN hose ends commonly used and sized for aftermarket brake/clutch plumbing.
  • Most often this 2-piece clutch line will be required for anyone wanting to install a clutch flow control valve which reduces driveline shock when launching hard or power shifting between gears. Other uses could be for installation of a dry-break coupling, clutch pressure sensor, line-lock solenoid or any other accessory you may want to run in-line with your clutch hydraulic fluid supply.
  • Clutch lines are made to order in your choice of color combo. Please allow 1-3 days for shipment.
  • Clutch lines consist of a PTFE core, followed by a stainless braided covering and then finished with a poly outer coating for abrasion resistance to painted surfaces.