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EF/DA Staging brake line kit

EF/DA Staging brake line kit

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Staging Brake line kit for EF Civic/DA Integra chassis.

  • This kit is for use with staging brakes that have their own fluid reservoir for rear brakes operated by the staging brake lever only.
  • Intended for staging brake locations mounted directly next to the shifter area of the center console in reach of the driver.
  • The design starts with one line off the staging brake outlet that runs under your center console area. It then tees out into two lines on top of the tunnel that will run through the rear interior and out of the factory rear brake hard line grommeted holes in the rear wheel well arches. These two lines end at the flexible factory caliper hose connections.
  • Includes all lines, adapters and fittings needed to connect to your staging brake and rear brake hoses.
  • Outlet adapter fittings included with this kit are for a 3/8"-24 outlet thread hand brake master cylinder. This fits Finishing Lines hand brake master cylinders, Wilwood GS style master cylinders and many others. If you have a 1/8"-27 NPT outlet style hand brake master cylinder like the old/discontinued "CNC402" hand brake, then you will also need to purchase a 1/8"-27 NPT to 3AN straight adapter from our hardware & fittings section.
  • Brake line kits are made to order in your choice of color combo. Please allow 1-3 business days for shipment.
  • Brake hoses consist of a PTFE core, followed by a stainless braided covering, and then finished with a poly outer coating for abrasion resistance to painted surfaces.