EK Stock Hard Line Replacement Kit - Non-ABS
Finishing Lines

EK Stock Hard Line Replacement Kit - Non-ABS

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Finishing Lines 96-00 EK Civic Stock Hard Line Replacement Kit - Non-ABS

  • Does your EK chassis need all of the OEM hard line replaced or upgraded? Has rust or corrosion has attacked and destroyed your OEM lines? Or maybe you simply want to upgrade the aesthetics of your brake line setup?
  • This kit is designed to replace all of the OEM hard line on the 96-00 EK Civic Chassis with our Finishing Lines braided hose assemblies.
  • For non-ABS setups with OEM proportioning valve in OEM location on the firewall in your engine bay.
  • This kit can be used to delete ABS when used in conjunction with your OEM EK style 4040 proportioning valve.
  • Includes brake line assembles to replace the master cylinder to prop valve, prop valve to front caliper hoses, and prop valve to rear caliper hoses.
  • Replacement caliper hoses for the OEM rubber hoses in the wheel wells are not included with this kit (see other product listings for caliper hose offerings).
  • Brake line kits are made to order in your choice of color combo. Please allow 1-3 business days for shipment.
  • Brake hoses consist of a PTFE core, followed by a stainless braided covering, and then finished with a poly outer coating for abrasion resistance to painted surfaces.